About Us

We are the largest long gun and hand gun dealership in Eastern and Nothern Ontario. We ship Canada wide.

Perkins has been a multi-generational family business since 1972. Originally a movie store and gas bar, the business has evolved to be the region's largest gun and ammunition dealer. The business is owned by Lance Perkins, a second-generation owner.


The Ottawa Valley is a major outdoors region, especially during hunting season. As there were few options for local hunters in the region in 2000, the decision was made for Perkins to become a firearms and ammunition dealer. Connecting with the top brands in the industry, Perkins quickly grew to serve customers near and far who were interested in firearms, hunting accessories, bows and knives and more.

Today, the business has the largest selection of firearms and ammunition in the Ontario, and is one of the most connected dealerships in the Canadian firearms industry.

In addition to the firearms business, Perkins has retained the gas bar and added a full convenience store. The business is open seven days a week, 365 days a year.